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What does the word FREAK mean to the King of Freakshow, the Black Scorpion? I’ve been asked to personally define the meaning of this particular word in question on street corners, inside crowded subway cars, operating rooms, sewers, theatres, bank standoffs, by taxi cabs drivers, mechanical engineers, aeroplanes pilots, documentary presenters, with my back against the wall in pool halls, as well as over over instant messenger.

A Google search defines Freak the noun as a person, animal or plant with an unusual physical abnormality.




I’ve heard countless celebrities express how they felt like Freaks growing up. Which is fair because as a child I felt like a celebrity. Suspicious that eyes were gazing upon my pincers only to find heads whipping to avoid making any kind of humane contact. Having civilians brazenly walk up shouting first thoughts that flew off the tip of their tongues about my chelas, whether the comments be either terribly kind or horridly rude.

The famous were simply expressing a common internal occurrence of feeling different from their community. A thought, an emotion found in many. Maybe all. Even though as poet Ryunosuke Satoro states:

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Except in the case of Siamese twins though spiritual speaking, separate.

Again I find I’m dancing around a burning bush in a tutu when it comes to the question at claw just to make what would easily be a quick answer into a longer blog. Only because I am trying to figure out how some make a living off of blogging. Is it length or substance? Both perhaps. Talent most likely. Another question for another blog maybe.

What does Freak mean to BS?

Freak to me means someone born different who takes the canvas, written word, stage, streets or sheets to express the most positive attributes of Mother Nature’s anomalies.

Freaks are the face, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes or lack thereof that have to face the medical nightmares that nearly all may go through at some point. Freaks face those up hill medical battles from the womb.



But aren’t we all freaks? Freaks existing upon a living rock flying around a ball of fire through oxygen-less space.


There are Freaks and then there are what I call the Typicals. Typicals simply being the other side of the Freak coin.

Yes we’re all different in our unique beautiful ways. But feeling different doesn’t make one a Freak. Simply feeling different makes you a Typical.

Freak is predetermined by genetic coding and predating heartbeat.

That is what the word FREAK personally means to BS. Freak, a word that had been subverted into a negative and used as a weapon against those born different in the Typical Norm world.

No need to agree. No need to argue. Perhaps just a consideration. A few thoughts to chew upon. Though truly the only need I see is to create positivity that moves all forward towards prosperity, universal health, happiness free of terror and labels that separate us from Peace and Love.



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