Dental Fund (GoFundMe Campaign)


Ectrodactlyly or EEC Syndrome has taken a physically toll upon my health. EEC not only affects hands and feet but also hair, teeth, nails, skin, hearing and sweat glands.
Embarrassing as it is to admit publicly on social media the effects on my teeth have been the most devastating. I’ve lost all four of my bottom molars due to jaw infections leaving me with the inability to chew.
Dentures have not been a “fit” spending over $1000 on a set that have already broken, splitting my gums open.
My only option left are Dental Implants. Dental Implants are the most conservative procedure available. Dental Implants do not affect the surrounding teeth and will restore my ability to eat without pain.
Dental Implants are expensive. With a $340 dollar CT Dental Cone Beam procedure to scan my jaw for placement of dental implants. Then the 1st procedure will cost $7,514 to implant two back molars on each side of my lower jaw. After the initial implants heal my dentist suggest another set of implants on each side to fill in the gaps of the two other missing molars at a cost of another $7,514.
Unfortunately my dental issues do not end there, but I am uncomfortable asking for anymore.  I do work while disabled and will continue to , to pay for these issues I am facing for years to come.
I am not good at asking for help. My adult life’s been spent working non stop only to see all my earnings wiped out to pay for continuous medical disasters. So as much as I dislike it I am here asking for help.
I am grateful for anything you are willing to give.
Thank you



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