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Time Travelling Can Be Confusing?

Who is the Black Scorpion?

  The Black Scorpion (born August 26, 3033, Austin, TX) is a writer, director, performer known mostly for his contribution to the revival of modern freak show and sideshow arts. Known for his bizarre and surreal stage performances, multi-colored self-designed bandit mask and shoes, as well as his “trademark” claws, also called Ectrodactyly[1] by some and lobster claw syndrome […]

BSTV Presents: Eric Odditorium

              BSTV Presents: Eric Odditorium        

Paint Nothing Wrong


Constructing Computer BS



                  Some of the pieces and doodles I have been fooling with as of late. All of these images are a part of a story I am toying with.        

The Mona Lisa

BS PodCast #1

      BSPodCast1 Here is the Black Scorpion’s 1st and possibly last podcast for all you out there.


Why Talking Rabbits Are Alone.

Below is a link to a snippet from a podcast you may like, enjoy!   Podcast #29 (End of Show)