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Reaction To Reflections

WHY AM I DOING THIS? Five words buzzing like bees through the interior of my mind…between inside talker, Ray Valenz, uttering “FREAK” and “KING!” over the double speaker amplification system.  All broadcast to the 300 person occupancy bleacher seating of the Brooklyn auditorium. And then…there are seconds left, preparing my leap back upon the Coney […]


Every morning before my eyes even open I go through every wonderful person I have in my life. I am so grateful for all those who care for my health. The only way I know how to repay my debt to you all is to try my best to lead a positive existence with as […]

Social Security Administration of Austin

The Social Security Administration in Austin does not serve the people who reside here. I ask you to try calling either (866) 627-6991 or 512-206-3700. And see where that gets you. If you call the national hotline you will get someone who will redirect you back to your local administration. This is not serving anyone in need. People […]

Finding EEC Syndrome

  My hands and feet are odd. Both effected by Ectrodactyly. But my body is different as well. From my straw like hair, burning eyes with dark circles beneath, blotchy skin, small ears, delayed hearing, see through teeth, sweat glands, underdeveloped chest, and nails that either split or curve growing back into my skin.     Medical issues […]