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Ectodermal Dysplasia

   Studying the effects of Ectodermal Dysplasia. Join along the journey. Texas is terrible place for folks living with rare diseases. Suppression of information is pathetic. Doctors for profit in the pocket of big pharmacy. Dentist are thieves. Insurance is a joke.

Dental Fund (GoFundMe Campaign)

  Ectrodactlyly or EEC Syndrome has taken a physically toll upon my health. EEC not only affects hands and feet but also hair, teeth, nails, skin, hearing and sweat glands. Embarrassing as it is to admit publicly on social media the effects on my teeth have been the most devastating. I’ve lost all four of […]


  What does the word FREAK mean to the King of Freakshow, the Black Scorpion? I’ve been asked to personally define the meaning of this particular word in question on street corners, inside crowded subway cars, operating rooms, sewers, theatres, bank standoffs, by taxi cabs drivers, mechanical engineers, aeroplanes pilots, documentary presenters, with my back against […]

Sixteen Years In Television News

…is this what the start looks like or a continuation just one blooming closer to home are we all finishing what two allegedly unknown hands began or is this the end when the vacuum bag burst free and we realize world war three #buildnewlegends


Ectrodactyly, you say? Or did I say Ectrodactyly? I am not sure. Though I’ve certainly spelled these exact letters in this precise sequence: E-C-T-R-O-D-A-C-T-Y-L-Y over three hundred and thirty three thousand times on stages across the United States of America though not once ever on foreign soil in these modern times. What is this Ectrodactyly you ask? Or did […]

Time Travelling Can Be Confusing?

Who is the Black Scorpion?

  The Black Scorpion (born August 26, 3033, Austin, TX) is a writer, director, performer known mostly for his contribution to the revival of modern freak show and sideshow arts. Known for his bizarre and surreal stage performances, multi-colored self-designed bandit mask and shoes, as well as his “trademark” claws, also called Ectrodactyly[1] by some and lobster claw syndrome […]